Jul 2

September Dates

Starting up after Summer

Toddlers          4Sept

Midweek           5 Sept

CBC                 6 Sept

Drop In            7 Sept

Choir               20 Sept

Deacons Meetings  Church Meetings

Tues 4 Sep              Wed 12 Sep

Tues 30 Oct             Wed 7 Nov


 On 30 September Terry will be leading our Harvest Family Service and there will be a Jacob’s Join lunch afterwards.

Aug 19
May 6

Tunstead Trail

 Family Walk Friday, 12 May
 ‘Tunstead Trail – The Church That Never Happened. 
Meet at Church 6.30pm



Mar 10
Mar 10

Walks of Faith

Great talk by Peter about the history of the local Baptist Churches.

Acre Mill Baptist Church

Hammond Avenue
OL13 8LN

email   : info@acremill.org.uk

Church Text 2018

“The LORD your God will be with you wherever you go”

Joshua 1:9

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